Welcome Letter

Dear Friend,
Grace and peace to you from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Greetings from Bethel Lutheran Church! We are glad you have taken a few minutes to check out
our website. We hope this website will be a tool for you to get a glimpse of our church family:
who we are, who we are striving to be, and what we do.

Bethel is looking toward the future. We know that so many things can capture our attention and
our time, and it’s hard to add one more thing to the calendar. We don’t want church to be a place
where someone feels forced to come. As the only Lutheran church in Cecil County, we’ve been
very intentional at Bethel to think about why we are here and what we bring to the community.

Through prayerful and intentional conversation, we have developed a mission statement we are
proud of: We celebrate the promise that all people are loved and enough through Jesus Christ as
we worship, learn, and serve together. In a world where it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed,
anxious, depressed, not enough, unloved, and so many other things, Bethel wants to be a place
for you where God’s unconditional love is heard, experienced, and celebrated. That’s the power
of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. God is for us through Jesus, and that is powerful stuff! We
can receive the forgiveness of sins, everlasting love, and eternal life as good news for our lives
and be transformed by these promises. We can live in confidence that “nothing can separate us
from God’s love.” No matter how hard it might get, God is with us.

At Bethel, this good news is too good not to share. We want to learn more about who this God is,
what this Jesus guy says, and more of the stories in the Bible. We want to understand in
community by asking more questions and learning from each other. The good news gets our feet
and hands moving, too, out into the community to serve those in need and on the margins – the
hungry, homeless, naked, unloved, and unwelcomed. Not only do we have something to offer,
but we have something to learn from the community, too. We never know how God will show up
in our lives. God continues to use us all!

Beloved, may you always know: You are loved. You are enough. I hope to meet you soon.

Pastor Zach